Jönköping University is organized as a foundation which conducts research and offers undergraduate studies, graduate studies, doctoral studies and contract education through four schools.

The four specialized and well-focused schools, each with a distinct profile, address a portfolio of exciting interlinked topics relating to some of the major issues of our time: internationalization, entrepreneurship, business renewal, innovative learning, a holistic approach to health throughout life, an interface between the economy and technology in the information society and production systems for small- and medium-sized enterprises.

Jönköping University is characterized by:

  • A focused environment for higher education and research which is open to diverse relations with the surrounding society.
  • Sweden's most internationalized study programmes and campus, characterized by intensive exchanges of students and researchers with partner institutions all around the world.
  • A genuine appreciation for entrepreneurship. This transcends into a special interface model with surrounding networks of small businesses as well as with global enterprises, high student participation in a Business Lab operated in close collaboration with the neighbouring Science Park Jönköping, and openness to new methods within health and education.
  • One of the foremost positions among Swedish universities in terms of students earning a position in professional life following the completion of their university education.
  • Unique models for engagement and collaboration with neighbouring society in student careers. This is manifested in the mentorship programmes through which some 800 companies follow students in engineering and business throughout their study. Teacher training courses cooperate with over 1,000 schools and pre-schools. Practical work experience is also an important part in most study programmes within health care.
  • Dynamic partnerships with other universities in Sweden. Chalmers University of Technology and the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (KTH) collaborate closely with the School of Engineering. In the area of the humanities and social sciences, Jönköping University works closely with five university colleges in Western Sweden to promote high quality Master's Programmes.