The President has the overall responsibility for the university and is appointed by the Foundation Governing Board. 

President and President's Office

Agneta Marell, President
Mats Jackson, Executive Vice President
Lucia Naldi, Vice President Research
Robert Gunnarsson, Vice President Education
Nerrolyn Ramstrand, President’s Advisor for Internationalisation
Adam Gustafsson, Chief Financial Officer
Emma Carlström, Legal Counsel
Ingrid Estrada-Magnusson, Chief HR Officer
Jenny Dahlkild, Executive Manager President's Office
Anders Jonzon, Chief Communications Officer
Linda Olsson, Research Advisor
Pernilla Nedar, Financial Advisor Research Funding
Danielle Tärnhamn, President's Secretary
Niklas Sjöstrand, Administrative Officer

University Executive Team

The University Executive Team meets every two weeks for the preparation of important issues and to provide a foundation of proposals that the President or Governing Board will decide on. The University Executive Team comprises the schools' deans, the Managing Director of University Services and Jönköping University Enterprise, and the President of the Jönköping Student Union.

Agneta Marell, President
Mats Jackson, Vice President
Anders Jonzon, Chief Communications Officer (Secretary)
Marie Ernsth-Bravell, Dean School of Health and Welfare
Marie Öhman Dean School of Education and Communication
Ingrid Wadskog, Dean School of Engineering
Jerker Moodysson, Dean Jönköping International Business School
Mattias Lorentzi, acting Managing Director University Services 
Johan Palsgård, Managing Director Jönköping University Enterprise
President of Jönköping Student Union