The President has the overall responsibility for the university and is appointed by the Foundation Governing Board. 

The President’s Group

President Måns Svensson

The President is the head of Jönköping University and its foremost representative. The President leads the University’s activities and is among other things responsible for implementing the Foundation Governing Board’s decisions.

Executive Vice President Salem Seifeddine

The Executive Vice President is the President's deputy and acts in the President’s place when the President is not in office and replaces the President to the extent that the President decides.

Vice President for Research Lucia Naldi
Vice President for Education Robert Gunnarsson

The President assigns the Vice President(s) for limited responsibilities of a strategic nature. The Vice Presidents have a university-wide coordinating function for his/her area and leads the work of the strategic committee set up for the area.

University Director Eva Gipperth

The University Director is head of the university-wide administrative support and Managing Director for University Services.

President’s Advisor for Internationalization Nerrolyn Ramstrand

The President’s Advisor for Internationalization advices the President and Management on issues that pertain internationalization.


The above constitutes the President’s Group, which is a preparatory group for the university's management team.

University Management Team
JU Executive Team (JU EXT)

For the preparation of university-wide issues and to anchor proposals that the president or the Foundation Governing Board must make, there is a management group that meets every two weeks. The management team includes all the Managing Directors of the schools, the University Director (also MD of University Services), the MD of Jönköping University Enterprise as well as the president of the Student Union.

Måns Svensson, President
Salem Seifeddine, Executive Vice President
Eva Gipperth, University Director
Eleonor Fransson, Acting Dean School of Health and Welfare
Thomas Winman, Dean School of Education and Communication
Ingrid Wadskog, Dean School of Engineering
Johan Klaesson, Acting Dean Jönköping International Business School
President of Jönköping Student Union
Anders Jonzon, Chief Communications Officer (Secretary)