Jönköping University Enterprise provides education that serves as a bridge to your higher education ambitions. Our Pathway Programmes are designed for international students who aim to improve their language skills, excel in mathematics and become familiar with Swedish culture.

Our Pathway courses offer the ideal preparation empowering you to meet the entry requirements of bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes at Jönköping University, other Swedish, and our partner Universities. All you have to do is to pass the courses at your chosen Pathway Programme.

We're dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition to university life for our students. The Pathway Programmes not only equip you with academic skills but also nurture your social skills and familiarity with the Swedish culture.

Jönköping University Enterprise offers the following programs and courses that students can choose from:

  • If you need to meet Entry Requirements for Bachelor and Master Programs at Jönköping University or our partner universities:
    • The choice of Pathway Programme will depend on the English Proficiency level, the pace of study and elective courses preferences. Among the available choices are Year, Semester, or Intensive courses for students to enroll in. Find out more about the Pathway Programmes
  • If you are still in High School:
    • Discover Sweden through our short courses Youth Summer/Winter School designed for high school students aged 16-18, available in both summer and winter. Immerse yourself in cultural activities and excursions while residing at the scenic Gränna campus. Delve into entrepreneur and sustainable development practices within a Swedish context and enhance your English language skills through our engaging courses. Find out more about Youth Summer School and Winter School
  • If you are an Athlete:
    • Pathway for International Sports makes it possible for you as an international student to continue practicing your career in sports, while preparing for your future studies in higher education on a Pathway Programme. We are offering two different tracks within the program that you can choose from. Find out more about Pathway for International Sports

The courses consist of lectures, seminars and group activities in various fields of academic English. They have been designed specifically to meet the needs of non-native English speakers who wish to develop their English language competencies and be able to communicate effectively in an academic environment. Our aim is to make you to be more conscious about how to live more sustainable at the same time as you develop your academic skills and cultural experience.

Students will study and explore different aspects of society, such as culture, politics, history and traditions in a way that is relevant for them individually to build an understanding for the surrounding world as well as develop transferable skills to continue that exploration as a part of their life-long learning.

Our diverse community brings together students from around the world, fostering a multicultural experience that broadens horizons and encourages lifelong connections at the same time as you experience Swedish traditions and activities.

Embrace Sustainability and Global Citizenship

At Jönköping University, sustainability isn't just a buzzword – it's a way of life. Engage in a curriculum that emphasizes environmental consciousness and global citizenship, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to contribute positively to our world. Through interactive learning experiences, you'll be empowered to make a difference and become a responsible global citizen.

Discover Gränna: Your Home Away from Home

Imagine studying in one of Sweden's most enchanting towns – Gränna. This charming community, located just 40 km north of Jönköping, is a blend of natural beauty and cultural richness. The town’s charming architecture create an idyllic backdrop for your academic journey. Did you know that Gränna is the city where candy cane and peppermint rock candies (polkagrisar) originally come from? Besides that, Gränna is a very safe city to live and study in and when you need a break you can step outside, borrow one of schools bicycles and take a ride, or why not take a walk in the forest or down the shore/lake.