30 million SEK to SPARK at Jönköping University

The Swedish Knowledge Foundation has awarded just over SEK 30 million to Jönköping University’s (JU) research and education environment SPARK.

“This shows that Jönköping University is distinguished in Sweden’s research landscape”, says Mats Jackson, Executive Vice President JU and Programme Manager for SPARK.

The Knowledge Foundation decided on Wednesday 18 December to award SEK 30,666,745 to JU’s Knowledge Foundation environment, SPARK. 

"A nice Christmas gift"

“This comes as a nice Christmas present for Jönköping University and we are very happy that the Knowledge Foundation has granted these funds to SPARK. We are also very proud of the fine work that underpins this”, says Agneta Marell, President at Jönköping University.

14.5 million to one project

The largest portion of the money, about SEK 14.5 million, is given the SPARK project “Integrated product and production platforms for agile and demand driven product development”. Almost five million SEK is invested in decision support systems for relocation decisions. Just over SEK 4 million is given to the development of wear- and corrosion-resistant gray cast iron through laser alloy surface/lining.

Proud and happy

Mats Jackson is also proud to receive the announcement of the funds granted by the Knowledge Foundation.

“This is very happy news for us” he says and continues:

“It is a confirmation of the good work being done at SPARK and shows that Jönköping University is a higher education institution that stands out in the Sweden’s research landscape. It also gives us the opportunity to take another step in strengthening the region in collaboration with Swedish industry”, says Mats Jackson.


Agneta Marell, President Jönköping University: +46 36-101001, agneta.marell@ju.se

Mats Jackson, Executive Vice President Jönköping University and Programme Manager for SPARK: +46 36-101096, mats.jackson@ju.se

Ingrid Wadskog, CEO of the School of Engineering at Jönköping University: +46 36-101650, ingrid.wadskog@ju.se


SPARK is a research and education environment that promotes companies’ development of knowledge intensive products and processes.

About the Knowledge Foundation

The Knowledge Foundation funds research and competence development at Sweden’s university colleges and new universities with the purpose of strengthening Sweden’s competitiveness.

They provide funding when activities are conducted in collaboration between academic staff and business sector partners. The aim is to build internationally competitive, integrated research and education environments. Their mission is to strengthen Sweden’s competitiveness.