Here you will learn how to publish a video on a page in SiteVision. This guide applies for all editors. 

Publish a video

  1. Go to Youtube's website --> Log in with JU's account information.
  2. Click upload (the arrow) and fill out the information about your video in the text fields. Wait until the video has been uploaded to YouTube *
  3. Click the button Share --> Embed -->Highlight and Copy the code in the box.
  4. Go to SiteVision --> Log in with your personal JU account.
  5. Click Modules --> Integration --> HTML
  6. Click Egen HTML-kod in the HTML module och paste the embedding code from your YouTube video.
  7. Please add ?rel=0 ** at the end of the link to the video, example:
  8. Click OK.
  9. Publish the page when you are ready.

* Make sure your video is set to public, as in available to anyone. 

** With the help of ?rel=0 you won't be showing any related videos when the video is done playing.