International stipend to lightning design student

Viktor Martinsson, current Lightning design student, has been awarded a stipend from the organization International Association of Lightning Designers (IALD).

IALD annually awards scholarships and stipends to students from all over the world. Viktor Martinsson, studying Lighting design at School of Engineering, was this year one of five awarded with IALD's travel stipend to visit LIGHTFAIR International 2017 in Philadelphia, USA.

IALD is an international organization that cares about the profession of lighting designers. To be able to apply for IALD's scholarships and stipends, you must be a member, and study light and lighting as part of an architectural, engineering or lightning design education. Viktor Martinsson met the requirements and applied for IALD's stipend 2017. The application had to include a portfolio of four projects. Viktor wanted to show his breadth as a lighting designer, and therefore chose to show both an interior and an exterior project, a temporary project and an armature he has designed.

A visualization of the exterior project.

A record number of students sent in their applications this year, and in February 2017 it was announced that Viktor was one of the winners. In May, Viktor will therefore visit Lightfair International 2017, an international lighting fair in Philadelphia.

- It feels great to have been awarded the stipend, and extra fun because it is an organization that cares about lighting design. I think the trip will be a good experience for the future. The fair is only about a month before I graduated, so I want to take this opportunity to make contacts, says Viktor.

Viktor Martinsson is looking forward to the trip, to graduate and to start working as a lighting designer, both nationally and internationally.