Agneta Marell is candidate for President at Jönköping University

The process of recruiting President has continued during the spring and a candidate will now be presented to the electoral committee.

Photographer: Elin Berge

Agneta Marell is professor in Business Administration at Umeå University. Her most recent role is the one as Deputy Vice Chancellor, focusing on collaboration and innovation, at Umeå University, and is CEO of Umeå University Holding AB. Agneta has had several board assignments in business and industry and has been a member of scientific research councils and foundations. Previous assignments include Dean of Umeå School of Business and Economics and Chief Executive Officer in Örnsköldsvik Municipality.

Agneta Marell is familiar with Jönköping University since she has been a member of the Foundation Governing Board since 1 May, 2016, appointed by the government.

The electoral committee will meet on Friday, 12 May. The final decision for the new President will be taken by the Foundation Governing Board on 1 June, 2017.