Marie Öhman new dean at School of Education and Communication

Marie Öhman, Associate Professor in literature, has been appointed new dean of the School of Education and Communication. She will start on November 1, 2018.

Photo: Jonas Bilberg

Marie Öhman has been working at the Academy of Education, Culture and Communication at Mälardalen University for ten years, and is a scholarly leader for the research environment SOLD (Language and Literature and the didactics of the subjects).

Marie has also been Head of Department at Mälardalen University and is an Associate Professor's representative at the school board. She disputated in literature at Örebro University in 2007 and was appointed as Associate Professor's at Mälardalen University in 2016.

"Marie's scholarly and educational qualifications, combined with her experience of leadership from various academic environments, will make her a great asset to HLK and the university management," says Agneta Marell, President at Jönköping University. We warmly welcome Marie.

"I am very pleased to get this trust and look forward to be a part of the School of Education and Communication and Jönköping University," says Marie Öhman.