Pre-school and elementary school at JU

At the School of Education and Communication, opportunities are being explored for JU to start and run a pre-school and elementary school. The proposal is expected to be completed in autumn 2018.

In Sweden there are no universities that own and run pre-schools, elementary schools or fritidshem (after-school centres), but there are a lot of international examples where the schools are characterised by a conscious quality thinking in which the scientific base and the educational practice are in focus.

In these schools, teacher trainers and student teachers, together with the students, tackle the school's complexity, reveiew it, think about it, and from there they develop theoretical and practical starting points.

As part of the foundation's strategic initiative, decided in December 2017, the ambition is to investigate the requirements and opportunities to start a corresponding educational activity here at JU.

Proposals will be presented to JU's management in autumn 2018.