MuDD2019 - Multilingualism, Diversity and Democracy

MUDD2019, the international conference organised by the CCD network-based research group, will take place at the School of Education and Communication on 8-10 April 2019.

MuDD2019 is part of a series of conferences/workshops that the CCD research environment, Communication, Culture and Diversity, has organised since 1998.

Issues related to integration and learning goals for all students have been prioritised areas in education and research during the last few decades. This has become more critical given the recent demographic shifts related to immigration and digitalisation.

The MuDD2019 international conference will bring together international experts and key individuals from professional sectors, from across the global-North and the global-South with the intent of interrogating the continuing dichotomised situation (in particular in nation-states like Sweden) wherein mono-lingualism and mono-culturalism constitutes the norm and multilingualism and diversity are seen as the exception.

A larger conference workshop will take place on 10 april 2019, with presentations, workshops and cross-sector meetings. This workshop is open to researchers and students as well as professionals from different sectors.

More about MuDD2019 here.