3000 kilometers in a solar car

Students from Jönköping University have built it all on their own and it is supposed to handle sandstorms as well as extreme heat. It weights about 180 kilos and it will take them 3000 kilometers, across the whole of Australia – this year’s solar car, Axelent. In October it is time for a new edition of the World Solar Challenge.

Test drive of the new solar car

- It feels very exciting but also nervous. It will be a challenge to get everything in place. It is truly an adventure, says LisaBeth Sundström.

- It will be really cool to experience this, it’s such a great event, says Arvid Gränsmark.

JU Solar Team consists of 16 students from Jönköping University. Together they’ve designed and constructed the car that is only powered by solar energy. This year’s car has lower air resistance and the solar cells have better efficiency. In addition, the entire body is now made of carbon fiber, which makes the car stiffer and weights less.

The world’s largest race for solar-powered cars

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world’s largest race for solar-powered cars. The race is 3022 kilometers, traversing from Darwin in the north to Adelaide in the south.

- The challenge will be to keep the team together and that everyone does their part. Everything must go smoothly, despite time pressure and heat. If someone is tired, maybe she or he takes a wrong decision, much can go wrong says LisaBeth Sundström.

Last time, 2017 JU Solar Team ended up in eight place. This year, the goal is top 5.

- I think we have really good potential. If we manage to trim everything and not get any breakdown, it will go very well, says Arvid Gränsmark.

- I haven’t realized that we soon will be on our way to Australia. I think I’ll realize that once we’re there and see all the other teams, LisaBeth concludes.