New JU award established at the Jönköping Gala

At the Jönköping Gala, the business community gathers to celebrate individuals, organisations and companies whose efforts during the past year have been of great importance to the Jönköping region. This year, one of the region’s largest employers, Jönköping University, will be a new award giver.

A tool that shortens the time of care for cancer patients, an event that attracted 25 million viewers and a person who celebrates everyday life for children and adolescents. There is quite a range of prizes at this year’s Jönköping Gala. From this year, there will be another award handed out, namely Jönköping University’s Bridge-Builder of the Year, which will highlight initiatives that build relationships and better connections between science and society.

"Jönköping University, with the award for Bridge-Builder of the Year, wants to showcase all the good forces and initiatives that exist in the region. We are very happy and proud that so many companies and organisations see the strength of working with us. Our strong anchoring in the region is the basis for our success, and it keeps us relevant," says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.

Criteria for giving out an award

It’s easy to tell by the number of requests to present new awards that the Jönköping Gala is an attractive forum for this, however, there are certain criteria that must be met, says the gala’s project manager Evelina Hjalmarsson.

"Among other things, there is an ambition that the prize should live for a long time and have a clear connection with the business community without competing with any of the existing awards. Jönköping University lived up to all the criteria and we as organizers have long wanted to include them as award winners. For us, it is a given that such a strong, local player with such an important function in the region’s development should be part of the gala," says Evelina Hjalmarsson.

"The Jönköping Gala is the place where organisations and companies in Jönköping get a chance to mingle, and we see opportunities are created to further our collaborations. It is a perfect forum for Jönköping University to meet others and also to be seen," says Mats Jackson, Executive Vice President of Jönköping University.

About the award

The Bridge-Builder of the Year Award goes to a person, organisation or company that acts as a positive force and initiates activities that help build bridges between Jönköping University and society. Jönköping University’s connections in the region and collaboration with companies and organisations are what keep JU relevant. In Jönköping University’s new mission statement, this is further clarified by the formulation:

Embedded in the region and engaged worldwide, we bridge knowledge and society, developing the talent of tomorrow.

Other prizes awarded at the Jönköping Gala

  • Digital Leader of the Year - JU employee Morgan Holm is one of the nominees
  • Event and Meeting Prize of the Year
  • The Good Power of the Year
  • Sports Performance of the Year
  • International Challenger of the Year
  • Initiative of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year
  • Marketer of the Year
  • Tourism Prize of the Year

About the Jönköping Gala

The Jönköping Gala is an annual business gala where individuals, organisations and companies, whose efforts during the past year have been of great importance to our region, are praised. During the gala, a total of ten prizes are awarded with different goals and objectives. The gala has changed shape several times and has developed with every successive party, and this year celebrates its 20th anniversary. The gala has been organised since 2017 by FC Gruppen and Evenstar. 


The Jönköping Gala is postponed

The organizers of the Jönköping Gala have chosen to postpone the gala due to the situation regarding the Coronavirus. The decision has been made with consideration for all guests and partners and a new preliminary date is Saturday 16 May.


Press Contact

Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University, +46 36-10 10 01

Mats Jackson, Executive Vice President of Jönköping University, +46 36-10 10 96

Evelina Hjalmarsson, project manager Jönköpings Gala, +46 708-30 54 17