Combined position increases knowledge exchange and collaboration between Jönköping University and Region Jönköping County

Jönköping University (JU) is currently working on an application to the government to start a new postgraduate educational area. As part of that work, Peter Blomstrand, a doctor in clinical physiology, will combine this role with his new appointment as assistant professor of clinical treatment science at the School of Health and Welfare, JU.

Undervisningssal klinisk fysiologi där tre grupper arbetar vid olika stationer.

Several working groups within the School of Health and Welfare (HHJ) at Jönköping University are currently working on an application to start a new doctoral education subject area with a clinical focus.

“We are working intensively with an application for a new postgraduate education subject area, which will mean an important expansion of our research activities and postgraduate education at HHJ. We have previously hired two professors who, together with Peter Blomstrand and other staff at HHJ, will be strong resources both in the preparation of the application and eventually for the new doctoral programme. I would also like to emphasize how important our collaboration with the Region Jönköping County is in the creation of this new postgraduate education area”, says Marie Ernsth Bravell, Dean and academic leader of HHJ.

The working group for the new postgraduate education area has also been tasked with creating master’s programmes for those undergraduate programmes at HHJ that lack the possibility for continued studies at master’s level. These new programmes will also be connected to the new postgraduate education area. For both the application and the planned new education programmes, collaboration and exchange with Region Jönköping County is an important success factor.

“Establishing this combination position strengthens and deepens the collaboration between the Jönköping County Region and the School of Health and Welfare, and provides good conditions for pursuing common issues and activities. Peter Blomstrand will also be an excellent and competent bridge builder with a leg in both clinical practice and research and education activities,” says Staffan Hägg, Professor and Manager at Futurum, Region Jönköping County.

Porträttbild av man

Peter Blomstrand. Foto: Johan W Avby, Region Jönköpings län.

Peter Blomstrand is positive about his new position, where he will combine his position at Jönköping University with tasks at Ryhov County Hospital.

“I have been active as a doctor in clinical physiology since 1988 and had the privilege of both working clinically and leading and conducting research. It feels completely natural to now give back some of my experiences and spend more time on supervision, research, and education. It feels like a great privilege to have a combination position and contribute to an increased collaboration between Region Jönköping County and the School of Health and Welfare,” says Peter Blomstrand.

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