JU not giving up on dental education


On 26 June, the Swedish government announced their decision to reject the application to award a dental degree at Jönköping University (JU). The ambition is to submit a new application, and JU has already started that process.

Jönköping University, in collaboration with Region Jönköping County and Linköping University, wants to start a new dental education with a unique educational concept. The common vision since the start of the project has been to create a nationally leading dental education and a centre for odontology that conduct practice-based education, research, and development in collaboration both nationally and internationally.

Statement from UKÄ

In the spring of 2022, an application was submitted to the Swedish Higher Education Authority (UKÄ) to obtain a degree licence for a dental education. Since then, a statement from UKÄ has been issued that proposes that JU’s application to issue a dental degree be rejected, something that the government now agrees with and has decided on.

“It is a sad message, but we are not giving up. We see that JU, together with Region Jönköping County and Linköping University, has broad expertise and conditions for a strong educational environment for a dental programme. We will therefore review UKÄ’s views and see what we can do about it. Then we plan to submit a new application for a degree rights,” says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.

Planning for a new application

Several application rounds are sometimes needed before UKÄ and the government approve a new programme. JU and Region Jönköping County together with Linköping University are therefore planning to submit a new application for degree rights for a dental education at JU.

“There is a major shortage of dentists in Sweden and more dental education is needed to achieve equal dental care and better dental health throughout the country. With a dental education at JU, we can meet the lack of competence and ensure future research needs. More than half of Sweden’s regions support continuing the investment in a dental education at JU,” says Regional Director Jane Ydman.

Unique collaboration

During the spring, continued work on the construction of a Centre for Odontology and Oral Health (COO) has been carried out through a collaboration between the School of Health and Welfare at JU, the Institute of Odontology at Folktandvården Region Jönköping County, the Southeastern Hospital Region, Linköping University, and 13 of Sweden’s regions. By developing this unique collaboration, good conditions are created for a qualitative dental education.


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Contact Region Jönköping County
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