Swedish Research Council holds major conference at JU

On 28-29 November, the Swedish Research Council (VR) will hold its conference Results Dialogue 2023. The conference is organized by and will take place at the School of Education and Communication (HLK) at Jönköping University (JU). 16 completed projects that have been funded by VR will present their results, and two exciting projects that JU researchers are involved in will also be presented.

Campus uppifrån

VR is Sweden's largest public research funding body and supports research of the highest quality in all scientific fields. The Results Dialogue is a recurring conference where projects funded by VR present their final results. This year, the conference will be looking at 16 recently completed projects.

“The conference is an excellent opportunity to take part in new findings in the field of educational science, to meet researchers, exchange experiences and discuss results with others who are interested in educational issues. I would encourage colleagues throughout JU to take part in this," says Jesper Boesen, Head of Collaboration at HLK and project manager for the conference.

Dedicated program

The conference will begin with a welcome from Eva Björck, Professor at HLK, and Pernilla Nilsson, Principal Secretary for Educational Sciences at VR. Thereafter, Pernilla Nilsson and Vibeke Grøver, Chair of the Educational Sciences Committee, will give an update about VR’s current activities. The day will then consist of project presentations.

Day two begins with more project presentations. Before lunch, this year's keynote speaker, Mikael Alexandersson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Gothenburg, will take the stage. His lecture "A dear child has many names" (Kärt barn har manga namn) discusses thae fact that it will soon be 25 years since the Teacher Education Committee proposed the establishment of a new field of study, “Educational Science”,for teacher education, professional pedagogical activities and learning in working life - Educational Science. His lecture will also look at what happened to the idea of a “broadened research base'”
The conference ends with reflections from the two days and which will be held by Pernilla Nilsson and Jesper Boesen.

Exciting JU research

Eva Björck, Professor of Special Education at HLK and Lilly Augustine, Head of Research at HLK, will present a Horizon Erasmus + project they are involved in. The project, called I AM (inclusive assessment map), aims to create and test an app that teachers can use to focus on participation situations rather than on compensating for individual shortcomings. The project is in its final phase and Eva Björck and Lilly Augustine are involved in evaluating the impact of the project.

“There's always a certain amount of excitement in presenting to new groups, seeing how the project is received, the questions you get and the interest it generates. This conference is one of many channels we use," says Lilly Augustine.

Also at the conference, Sangeeta Bagga-Gupta, Professor of Education at HLK, will present the VR project PAL: Participation for All? PAL focuses on educational pathways for young people with different abilities and disabilities, including their situation in school and after school. PAL aims to generate knowledge that can help identify successful criteria for transitions to adulthood for young adults.