International JU students invited to companies at Elmia Subcontractor

JU-students at Elmia Subcontractor.

25 international students from Jönköping University were specially invited to four companies at Elmia Subcontractor and heard the companies’' presentations in headphones.

25 international students from Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) and five from the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University (JU) were speciellay invited to four companies at Elmia Subcontractor.

“We need them and their skills,” says Jonas Bjuhr, CEO of Hydro Extrusion.

The JU students participated in Talent Attraction Walks and visited the companies Hydro, Performance, Swede-Wheel, and Östrand & Hansen AB at Elmia Subcontractor. The companies were interviewed about their business and explained what they can offer the students in terms of jobs and more.

"Hard to say no to an offer like that"

“We had the opportunity to meet international JU students here at Elmia and in our opinion it is hard to say no to an offer like that. These are people that have high education and high qualities, and they make us better by, for example, overcoming language barriers,” says John Löv, Marketing Manager at Swede-Wheel.

The student walks at Elmia Subcontractor were arranged by Region Jönköping County together with the Jönköping Chamber of Commerce, Elmia Subcontractor and Jönköping University and with support from Europa Direkt.