Jönköping International Business School solidifies its position as a leading European Business School

On 4 December, the Financial Times published its latest ranking of the top European Business Schools. Climbing another six places from last year’s ranking, to 82nd place, Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) once again affirmed its status of excellence among the top European business schools.

Johan Klaesson, vd och akademisk ledare, Jönköping International Business School

“Seeing JIBS perform so well in these rankings is fantastic. The rise of another six positions shows the commitment of our students, alumni, partners, and not least, our staff who go above and beyond to give our students the very best experience. It reinforces the international reputation of JIBS as a reference school for anyone seeking an exceptional education,” says Johan Klaesson, Dean and Managing Director at JIBS.

The Financial Times European Business School Ranking is widely recognized as one of the most comprehensive assessments of European business education. It considers various indicators, including salaries and career progress of graduates, international focus, mobility, and diversity of faculty. Following the ranking of the top Master’s in Management programmes in the world, published in September 2023, in which JIBS climbed up a whopping 20 places to the 64th spot, this ranking reinforces the school’s excellence and position among the best in Europe.

“Our overall position in this ranking continues to prove that those studying at JIBS get equipped with the knowledge, skills and experiences to underpin their journey to a successful career. It’s great to see how well our students are doing, with so many progressing their careers in a very short space of time after completing their studies,” says Johan Klaesson.

A hub for academic excellence and international success

JIBS stands out not only for its academic achievements but also for its international profile. The school is globally connected with strong ties to the international business world. Almost half of the staff and 80% of the master’s students have a foreign background, contributing to preparing graduates for success in the international job market.

The strong international focus is clear in the Financial Times ranking. JIBS scores high on international mobility and the proportion of international faculty has earned JIBS the top spot in Scandinavia.

“While this recognition makes us very proud, it also brings us a responsibility to continue to distinguish ourselves for the quality we deliver in teaching, cutting-edge research, and impactful contribution to a global society,” says Johan Klaesson.

Alongside JIBS, two more Swedish business schools are on the list: Stockholm School of Economics and Lund University School of Economics and Management.

Länk till rankingen: https://rankings.ft.com/rankings/2943/european-business-school-rankings-2023