JU student honoured by Queen Silvia

The winner of the 2023 Queen Silvia Nursing Award (QSNA) is Stefan Krantz, who recently graduated from the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University (JU). He won the award thanks to his idea of producing a customized trauma bag for emergency situations relating to people with dementia. The bag can be used by healthcare professionals before emergency services arrive.

Stefan Krantz, efter att han har tilldelats priset Queen Silvia Nusring Award.

Stefan Krantz, newly graduated nurse at the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University and winner of the QSNA.

The bag’s unique quality is that it has clearly labelled compartments plus extra compartments that contain specific tools to help people with cognitive impairment. This will help save time during emergency care and staff can be safe in the knowledge that all the necessary materials are at hand when needed. Stefan will receive the award from Queen Silvia in the spring at a ceremony in Stockholm.

Alleviating the trauma of an emergency situation

The background to Stefan’s idea comes from a simulation exercise during his studies that involved nursing a patient in a home care situation. Together with a fellow student, Stefan found a patient passed out on the toilet. Stefan’s colleague took charge and he assisted. When his colleague asked for the equipment to make an assessment, Stefan searched his bag and couldn’t find what he was looking for, wasting time as a result.

“When I got home, I thought that there must be a better way to do this. Then I thought about the care of people with cognitive impairment and what could reduce the trauma they experience in an emergency situation," says Stefan.

Stefan will now work to develop a prototype and bring the bag onto market. He hopes to use QSNA’s expertise and network of contacts, as well as his own network, for guidance on how to proceed. As winner of the prize, Stefan will recieve SEK 60 000 and wants to use part of the money to develop his idea further.

Already employed as a nurse

Stefan graduated as a nurse on 19 January. During the graduation ceremony, the School of Health and Welfare received a plaque from QSNA.

Even before the studies were completed, Stefan had already got a job as a nurse at Höglandssjukhuset in Eksjö, to start after graduation. Stefan says that the thing he will take from his years of study are all the fantastic meetings with fellow students, teachers, supervisors and others he has encountered over the years.

"I am a slightly older model of student, so I will also take with me all the thoughtfulness and help I have received from my fellow course mates. And, of course, I take with me lots of knowledge and experience – I am proud to be a new nurse," Stefan concludes.

Plakettutdelning, priset  tilldelas Hälsohögskolan vid Jönköping University.

School of Health and Welfare recieves a plaque from QSNA. From the left: Birgitta Wilén, Frida Liabäck and Stefan Krantz.

Jury statement

"The Stefan Krantz trauma bag offers a systematic approach to managing acute care situations before emergency personnel arrive. The proposed bag would contain specific dementia-related tools that can help care teams keep patients calm. Items could include a checklist that reminds team members how to provide support calmly with simple questions or terms. Other suggested items include a warm blanket, and even ear defenders that can reduce sound and noise that could potentially confuse patients. This bag has great potential to be developed further as Stephen's knowledge of dementia grows during his fellowship year."

Queen Silvia Nursing Award

With the support of H.M. Queen Silvia, the award is designed to promote positive development, growth, innovation and excellence in the nursing profession, particularly in the care of the elderly. Both working and studying nurses and assistant nurses can apply.