Scholarships to reduce exclusion among the elderly

A group of people with big checks

From the left: Ann Johansson, Madeleine Svärd, Johanna Lundgren, Jenny Janeke, Susanne Konradsson, Caroline Fischl, Anna Sundling, Mathias Olsson, Annica Ericsson and Yashar Mahmud

The Aktiestinsen Scholarship Fund is awarded annually at the School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, to projects that promote development work and research on health promotion for the elderly. The 2023 award was a total of 607,500 SEK and went to four projects that were presented during a ceremony on 6 February. The main theme of all the projects was to reduce exclusion for older people.

The ceremony began with lunch at Mariedal at Jönköping University. Thereafter, the 2023 scholarship holders were presented:

  • Jenny Janeke, Jönköping municipality with the project Reduce digital exclusion for seniors, SEK 257,500.
  • Anna Sundling, Nässjö municipality with the project KulturVänner, SEK 150,000.
  • Madeleine Svärd, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Jönköpings län with the project Hur funkar det egentligen? - Everyday technology for seniors, SEK 100 000.
  • Yashar Mahmud, School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University, Activity and health for elderly deaf people, SEK 100 000.

Breaking involuntary loneliness

All the projects aimed to overcome involuntary loneliness and exclusion, which is very common among the elderly. Among other things, it is not unusual for older people to opt out of activities that require digital engagement, something Jenny Janeke and her project in Jönköping municipality want to change.

"It feels great and after today's presentations I am very inspired to move forward with our project," says Jenny Janeke.

Follow-up of successful projects

During lunch, the 2022 scholarship holders also presented their completed or ongoing projects, which were:

  • Madeleine Svärd, Studieförbundet Vuxenskolan Jönköpings län with the project Music to remember.
  • Susanne Gustavsson, School of Health and Welfare with the project HEAT.
  • Annica Ericsson, Nässjö Municipality with the project "Strong in body and soul".

"A big thank you to the Foundation for the Aktiestinsen Scholarship Fund for giving me the confidence and opportunity to create the conditions for equal health," concluded Annica Ericsson, who was the last person to give her presentation.

Thank you's for long and faithful service

The ceremony concluded with a section to say thank you for the long and faithful service of several people who have worked with the Foundation. Anita Björklund Carlstedt, who has been with us since the start in 2011, as Head of subject and secretary, Dennis Petterson, treasurer and banker, who has also been with the project from the start, and Monica Pärson, occupational therapist and contact person for the activities and member of the assessment committee.

Facts The Aktiestinsen Foundation

Lennart Israelsson was an SJ (Swedish State Railways) station manager in Småland, who earned a fortune on equity investments, giving him the nickname “Aktiestinsen” (the “stock station master”). During the latter part of his life, Israelsson donated millions to various foundations. There are now five foundations with his name, one of which is Aktiestinsen Lennart Israelsson’s foundation for promoting the activity and health of the elderly.


The Foundation annually announces at most eight scholarships in total, of an amount of SEK 600,000 to professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and students to promote entrepreneurial development work and/or research on health promotion work for the elderly’s activity and health in the field of occupational therapy.


The assessment committee that proposes which projects are funded by the foundation consists of the School of Health and Welfare’s dean (chair of the foundation), a representative of the student association at the School of Health and Welfare, Head of Discipline/researcher in the field of occupational therapy, an occupational therapist and an external entrepreneur in the field of occupational therapy.