Several JU alumni nominated for the Young Female Leader of the Year award

For the ninth year in a row, the Young Female Leader of the Year in Jönköping County will be announced. The selection process to choose the 2023 nominees is now complete. 20 women have now been selected out of 172 original nominees, several of whom are alumni from Jönköping University (JU).

All the nominees in The young female leader of the year.

Nominees Young Female Leader of the Year.

The Young Female Leader of the Year is designed to highlight good role models who can inspire other young women to become future leaders. The long-term goal is to increase the proportion of women who make up the county's leaders, entrepreneurs and representatives on company boards in Jönköping County. On 6 March, three people will receive special awards, where the winners of the following categories will be announced: Young Female Leader of the Year, Young Female Business Owner of the Year (a new category for this year) and Emerging Board Talent of the Year.

The award ceremony is being organised for the ninth year in a row and will take place at Science Park Towers this year. JU is supporting the project run by Science Park, the Chamber of Commerce and Region Jönköping County.

JU alumni who are nominated:


Alexandra Skobe, (born 1988), CEO, Skobes Bil AB, Tranås, Sweden

Mia-Berentje Land, (born 1992), Development Manager R&D, Husqvarna Group, Jönköping, Sweden

Veronica Sunesson, (born 1990), CFO, YLAB Larssons Bygg AB, Group CFO, Solidum Group AB and board member of LBM Invest AB, Jönköping.



Saga Gustavsson Miljak, (born 1998), Sustainability Manager, Vinning, Jönköping.

Sanna Johansson, (born 1990), Laboratory Manager, Fagerhult, Habo.



Sara Skoglund, (born 1995), Group Marketing Manager, Prototal Industries, Jönköping.