Secrets to success revealed at Communications Day

On Thursday, 7 March, the annual event Communication Day JKPG was held. The all-day event featured interesting and thought-provoking lectures, networking and mingling sessions for students and industry professionals. This year's theme was 'The secrets of success'.

Mingel i orangeriet

Students studying Media and Communication Science (MKV) at the School of Education and Communication (HLK) at Jönköping University (JU), organize this event every year. The target group is both current students and external actors in the field of communication.

This year's project group included Emma Karlström, Moa Lundman, Amanda Eliasson and Vendela Telles, all four of whom are in their final year at MKV. Planning and implementing an event like this require a lot of work.

“There was a lot of planning and preparation for the event, but we felt prepared. It is always difficult to predict what the actual event day will look like, as it happens in real time, and it is difficult to influence external factors. We had a good structure and clear tasks during the day so that everything went smoothly. We are satisfied with the event, and we think the day went according to plan and hope that the participants are satisfied," says Emma.

The purpose of the Communication Day JKPG is to be a meeting place for different actors in the field of communication, to help companies and organizations recruit MKV students for internships and project work, as well as to bring the industry, research and MKV education together.

"There is a big difference between planning ahead and implementing"

None of the project group has previously managed a project, which was a challenge in itself. They had gained theoretical knowledge through their training, but there is a big difference between planning and actually carrying it out.

“We have encountered obstacles along the way that we have had to solve together through good cooperation within the project group. That said, we have gained valuable insights and lessons about project management and producing events," says Moa.

Generations, success, and comedy

The first speaker in the JU auditorium was Ellinor Hellberg, founder and CEO of the marketing agency Honst, who gave an entertaining and thought-provoking lecture on the differences between generations. Ellinor went through each generation, from the Baby Boomers to Generation Z. A lot of funny prejudices were discussed, but the conclusion was that we can learn from each other, and we should learn more about other generations to develop.

Keynote speaker was Andreas Jonsson who is a very popular lecturer in social sustainability and attitude change. Andreas asked what success really is and emphasized that there are many ways to look at success. For some, success is making a lot of money, for others it is working as little as possible. This makes it difficult to measure success.

The last of the speakers was Gabriella Fäldt who is a versatile communicator. She works at Jönköping municipality as production lead and copywriter, but she also runs comedy clubs in Jönköping and usually does stand-up herself. She talked about daring to laugh at your own expense, not take yourself too seriously and that there are great benefits in using humour as a communicative tool.

Satisfied project team

After planning the event since December, the girls in the project group can now breathe a sigh of relief. Although they had hoped for a few more tickets sold, they are generally satisfied with the day.

"The most fun has to be the day of the event itself. We've been working on this for so long, so when the event was held, we could breathe easy and just go with the flow, it was a great feeling. Of course, we had to make sure everything ran smoothly, but seeing all the planning come to fruition was extremely fun," they say.