Folk vid montrarna

About 2,000 visitors at Open House

About 2,000 visitors came to the Open House at Jönköping University (JU) on 16 March.
"JU and JIBS feel like an obvious choice for me with my background. The international focus suits me perfectly," says Juan Gonzaloz, originally from Mexico but who has been living in Jönköping for a few years.

There was a lot of activity on JU's campus during the Open House. Students and staff welcomed and talked about education with the visitors. About 1,500 people took part in the 50 information sessions about JU's various programs and student associations shared student life at JU and what it's like to live in Jönköping. There were lectures, and the JU Solar Team talked about their success in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge in Australia from last autumn.

Open house, HLK.

There were a lot of people at the monters, like here at the School of Education and Communication.

For Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), this year's Open House was organized in a slightly different way than before. To give visitors a deeper insight into what makes JIBS unique, larger parts of the school were opened up. In addition to information about the educational programme itself, visitors could visit classrooms and gain an insight into student life as the JIBS Student Association (JSA) and its activity committees showcased their various projects.

"No reason to apply for anything else"

JIBS is Sweden's most international business school and that this is something that appeals to many prospective students was clear and something that pleased Anna Blombäck, Associate Dean of Education at JIBS.

"It feels great to see that our international profile still has an extremely strong appeal. This, combined with our rankings and accreditations, attracts students from all over. Here you get an international experience and practical experience combined with high quality education," says Anna Blombäck.

Kristina Kristof and Roberto Ianni are both in their final year of the Economics programme at Thorén Business School in Jönköping. Roberto is thinking of taking a sabbatical before applying to the Civilekonomprogramme or International Management, but for Kristina the choice is already made.

"I have only one option for my application and that is International Management at JIBS. Given that it is one of the best business schools in Europe and that the programme is exactly what I am looking for, there is no reason to apply for anything else," says Kristina Kristof.

Open house, JIBS

Kristina Kristof and Roberto Ianni at JIBS.

Although the focus of the day was on Bachelor Programmes, several of the visitors had come to find out more about Master Programmes. Juan Gonzaloz is from Mexico but has been living in Jönköping for a few years. He heard very positive things about Sweden from a colleague at the bank he worked at in Mexico and decided to move here.

"I have never regretted that decision. Now I feel that I want to build on my Bachelor's Programme with a Master's degree. I have come here today to learn more about Applied Economics and Data Analysis and Digital Business," says Juan Gonzaloz.

Open house, JIBS.

Juan Gonzaloz at JIBS.

There was great interest in the School of Education and Communication (HLK) during Saturday's Open House. In the large entrance hall, visitors could talk to students from all programmes, several different student associations, the Student Union, and study counsellors. Several lecture halls were filled with curious young people who received information about the different programmes. Visitors could also have a coffee while listening to short popular science lectures.

Calle Johansson from Eksjö has heard good things about JU and HLK.

"I know some people who study here who think it's great, both student life and the programmes they attend. I'm thinking about HR, but haven't really decided yet. I might work for a year first," he says.

Four-hour drive

Hassan Noumeny and Suszan Idris made a four-hour drive from Säffle to come to the Open House at the School of Engineering (JTH) at JU.

"Jönköping is a good student city and I have lots of friends here. I love computers and have always dreamed of working with them, so I want to study for a master´s degree in computer science at JTH. I like the international atmosphere on campus, and it would be exciting to study here. The school looks nice, and everything feels great," he says.

Several Jönköping residents said that they met friends at the Open House who, like themselves, are planning to study at JTH, and that they had heard good things about the school and its student life.

Elwira Pettersson from Skövde is interested in the Building Design with Architecture programme at JTH.

"I like that you mix practical and theoretical elements, so it will probably suit me well. It feels inspiring," she says.

Elwira has several friends who have studied and are studying at JTH who recommend her to study there. She attended the information session on Architectural Engineering and says that it strengthened her attitude towards studying at JTH.

Her younger sister Selma Pettersson, who is in her first year of upper secondary school, also attended the Open House.

"What I have heard about JTH sounds very interesting. You are offered great opportunities here, such as being able to study abroad and working closely with the business community, so I have a very good impression of JTH," says Selma.

"Many job opportunities after graduation"

Tova Kinnander from Huskvarna is interested in human social interaction, psychology and law, and attended the Socionome Programme's information session at the School of Health and Welfare (HHJ).

"I talked to some students about the social work programme and they said that there are many job opportunities after graduation. The school is really well located, and it is close to everything in Jönköping. I have also heard that there is a very good student life here," says Tova.

Ella Olsson-Nyman from Tidaholm is interested in studying the Nursing Programme at the School of Health and Welfare, which from autumn 2024 can also be studied in Eksjö and Värnamo.

"I'm interested in nursing, medicine and healthcare and was attracted by the fact that you can study abroad. The campus is in the centre of the city, and Jönköping is a nice city with a beautiful waterfront," says Ella.

She got a good impression of the school and thinks it was valuable to be able to talk to current students on the Nursing Programme during the Open House.

"They are about the same age as me and know exactly what it is like to study the programme," she says.

Open house, the School of Health and Welfare.

Tova Kinnander (in the center of the image) at the School of Health and Welfare.

"Genuinely proud of their university"

Måns Svensson, who will take office as the new President of Jönköping University in April, visited all schools at the university during the Open House, and talked to all the students and staff he came across.

"I am really impressed by the students' commitment, not only for this day, but when they describe their student environment and tell me why they have chosen to study here. They are genuinely proud of their university and it's great to see that. It's also great to see and meet my future colleagues at JU, who are here and get involved in the Open House and attract students to the organization. They do a very competent job of describing the programmes," says Måns Svensson.

He thought there were a lot of people at the Open House and saw that clusters often formed around the programme counters. In general, he believes that it is important that universities open up and communicate with their surroundings in such a pleasant way.

"JU does this very well," says Måns Svensson.

Måns Svensson, who will take office as the new President of Jönköping University in April, visited the Open house with his wife Lupita.

Måns Svensson, who will take office as the new President of Jönköping University in April, visited the Open House with his wife Lupita.

Open house, JTH.

The sisters Selma and Elwira Pettersson (centred) got a good impression from JTH.

Open house.

Ella Olsson-Nyman (to the left) with her friend Nora Pettersson at the School of Health and Welfare.

Open house, HLK.

Many gathered in the entrance hall at the School of Education and Communication.