More people can train as nurses in Jönköping County

From the autumn term 2024, it will once again be possible to apply for the nursing programme in Värnamo and Eksjö. There is a major shortage of nurses in the southern and eastern parts of Jönköping County. In collaboration with Region Jönköping County (RJL), Municipal Development , Värnamo municipality and Eksjö municipality, the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University (JU) is making a major investment so that more people can train for the profession.

Until 2022, it was possible to apply for the Värnamo and Eksjö study groups, in a collaboration between the School of Health and Welfare and the relevant municipalities. The new collaborative initiative also includes RJL and Municipal Development .

“The programme is a strategic step to meet the shortage of nurses in our county and the rest of the country. Through this collaboration, we can work together for a stronger supply of skills in healthcare, which, in the long run, provides better healthcare for our residents,” says Patrick Nzamba, HR Director Region Jönköping County.

Teaching will take place via streamed lectures to Campus Värnamo and Campus i12 in Eksjö. Clinical training centres have also been created at the hospitals in Eksjö and Värnamo where the practical elements will be carried out. This corresponds to the training rooms at the School of Health and Welfare.

"The initiative, which takes place in collaboration, is a way for us at JU to contribute to the local supply of skills, which we see as very positive," says Agneta Stenebrand, Associate Dean of Education at the School of Health and Welfare.

The application period for the programme is from 15 March to 15 April. About 24 students will be admitted to the respective study centres in Eksjö and Värnamo.

"This initiative is an excellent example of what we can achieve in collaboration," says Ola Götesson, Head of Municipal Development.