Agneta Marell

"I look back on my time with pride and gratitude"

Agneta Marell is now in her last week as President of Jönköping University (JU).

It is with a feeling of sadness, warmth and nostalgia that I write my last letter as President of JU. I want to thank you all for helping to make my seven years here fantastic and exciting ones. Sometimes a little too exciting: the corona pandemic hit us with a force we were not prepared for, the state of the world, with war in our vicinity, has put a new focus on issues such as openness and academic freedom, and the finance crisis affected us significantly, more than was already expected in the autumn of 2022.

My time at JU has been characterized by joy and warmth and together we have accomplished a lot over the years. We have always been welcome in various regional, national and international contexts. We have had a creative and open dialogue with representatives of the region and local municipalities, and we have been part of edifying networks and had constructive conversations with representatives from the business community.

I will carry with me many fond memories of all of you who have contributed to JU's development and to JU being the successful university it is. My conviction is that JU will continue to be a strong and profiled institution that makes a difference through education and research that is characterized by high relevance and quality.

I look back on my time here with pride and gratitude. One of the best things has been the privilege of meeting all the fantastic and inspiring people with the ambition and desire to develop JU.

Now I lower the mainsail and drop anchor. I look forward to sleeping in, walking the dog, herding the sheep, exercising, traveling, spending time with family and friends and enjoying life in a different way - at a slower pace. It has been an honor to be President of JU, but now I am handing over to a new leader.

Thanks everyone and see you soon!

Best wishes,
Agneta Marell