Formal and Festive at the Academic Ceremony

On Saturday, May 4, Jönköping University's (JU) Academic Ceremony was held with the inauguration of full professors and the conferment of PhDs at the culture hall, Spira. This year, JU's new president, Måns Svensson, was also installed.

It was a stately and ceremonial event with nearly 500 guests, dressed in ball gowns and formal attire, speeches and choir singing. During the ceremony, eleven new full professors was inaugurated, two honorary doctors and 32 new doctors at Jönköping University were honored with their academic regalia: the doctoral hat, ring and diploma.

During the ceremonial part of the Academic Ceremony, the academic choir Jönköping University Vocal Ensemble, JUVE, lead by musical director Dan Boberg, performed several classical and newer works.

Prizes and festivities

During the ceremony, prizes were also awarded. This year's Pedagogical prize was awarded to Björn Erfors, lecturer, School of Health and Welfare. The Per Risberg Memorial Fund scholarship was awarded to Linda Bergqvist, External Relations Manager at the School of Engineering. Monica Dahlbom, President of the Administrative Court of Appeal in Jönköping and former Chair of the JU Foundation Board, received this year's Badge for Merit.

When the ceremonial part ended, the guests mingled in Spira's foyer before it was time for the banquet for more than 300 guest at Science Park Towers. A four-course dinner was served and the guests were entertained by, among others, Habo Big Band and Eric Gadd. The banquet attendees were also treated to a few space-themed surprises, as May 4th is International Star Wars Day.

"A Nobel vibe"

During the ceremony, the author and freelance journalist Mian Lodalen and Associate Clinical Professor José Lobo were installed as honorary doctors.

One of Lodalen's guests was Jessika Gedin, who is a host of the literature program Babel on SVT and also appears on the radio show Spanarna on P1. She has also been one of the hosts of the Nobel Banquet broadcast on SVT for many years. Listen to her compare the Academic Ceremony with the Nobel Banquet, and hear Mian share her thoughts on the evening.