JTH students on the Industry Trip

A group of JTH students are standing and watching a forklift.

JTH students visiting Zinkteknik

The Industry Trip (Industriresan) is organized every year in collaboration with the School of Engineering (JTH) at Jönköping University, Campus Värnamo, and Business Gnosjöregionen where students visit a few companies in the Gnosjö region over two days.

“It feels great to go on a trip like this, and to have a change of environment. It's also exciting to come here and see these big companies,” says Alma Jonsson, who is studying to become a civil engineer at JTH.

The Industry Trip is part of the courses Material in Product and Manufacturing Processes and the course Logistics for students studying the Civil Engineering programme: Industrial Product Realization. The purpose of the trip is for companies located in the Gnosjö region to showcase their operations to students who may be their future employees or customers. It’s also an opportunity for the students to gain insight into what different industries look like in reality, where course theory can be connected to industrial reality. Stefan Brolin, project manager for the Industry Trip, is pleased with the trip and the commitment from the companies.

“It's always fun to be able to showcase the great companies in the Gnosjö region to the students. And it's nice that the companies support it the way they do, both by being engaged and as sponsors,” says Stefan Brolin.

This year, the trip went to Trioworld in Smålandsstenar, Hylténs Industrimuseum in Gnosjö, Delex in Forsheda, Liljas Plast in Hillerstorp, and Zinkteknik in Bredaryd.

ZinkTeknik has been a regular visit for the industry trip in previous years. Jens Svensson, CEO and Head of Sales at Zinkteknik, hopes that this opportunity will benefit both the students and their own business.

“In the long run, we hope that this visit benefits the students as we are involved in educating future product developers to understand our type of production technology. Hopefully it could also lead to these students seeking employment at ZinkTeknik in the future within the areas they are studying for," says Jens Svensson.

Students got great impressions

Civil engineering students Alma Jonsson and Linnea Rosensköld, who participated in this year's edition of the Industry Trip, had very good impressions of the companies and saw the trip as a learning opportunity where they could put theory into practice.

“It feels really great to go out and see the industries in reality and see how we can apply what we learn in school in practice," says Linnea Rosensköld.

"There is a great benefit for us as a company to meet the students."

Hillevi Moberg, HR Manager at Trioworld in Smålandsstenar, thinks it's very exciting to have the students visit them, and as a company, they also see great advantages in meeting the students.

“Of course, there is a huge benefit for us as a company to hear what the student’s thoughts are, what questions they have, opinions, and provide their input so that we can learn something here and now. But also, the opportunity to meet the people who hopefully can be our future colleagues,” says Hillevi Moberg

Hillevi Moberg står och introducerar TrioWorld för studenterna som är på besök