If you are unable to attend the measuring session in Jönköping, you can also have the measuring done at one of the following places in Sweden:

  • Gothenburg: Franzéns Hattmakeri 031-711 89 59
  • Stockholm: Hattmakare Mark Eriksson 08-53 17 13 86
  • Stockholm: House of Steens 08-99 77 00
  • Umeå: Högtidskläder Karlssons Eftr. 090-77 02 17
  • Uppsala: Rolans Herrmode 018-12 92 00

If possible you could ask someone (in your country) to help you with the measurements for your hat. Otherwise it would also possible to do the measurements yourself if you also include photographs of yourself, one where you are facing the camera and one in profile.

You should, however, ask someone to help you with the measuring as it can be quite difficult to do it correctly on your own. Please follow the instructions below.


  • Put the measuring tape at the highest point of one of your eyebrows, then circle it around your head to the pointiest place of the back of your head.
  • Continue to the highest point of your other eyebrow and finish when you've come full circle.
  • The measuring tape should now be in a horizontal line around the head. Hold it tight, but let go a little so it is not too tight. Do not let it fall down on your ears.
  • Note the length. Please that the measurement must be in centimetres.

Please send the measurement with the photos to event@ju.se on the 30 October 2020 at the latest.