European Universities Rowing Championship to Jönköping

Rowing on lake Munksjön

Jönköping University will be one of the partners organizing the European Universities Rowing Championship in 2019.

“We are incredibly proud. A few years ago, Jönköping University and Jönköping Rowing Society started a joint venture that has already lead to several international achievements for our student teams. And now this”, says Anita Hansbo in a press release from Destination Jönköping.

The European Universities Rowing Championship in 2019 will be a collaboration between the Swedish University Sports Federation, Destination Jönköping, Jönköping municipality, Jönköping University, Jönköping Rowing Society and Huskvarna Rowing Society with the support of the Swedish Rowing Federation, Jönköping University Sports Association and Jönköping University Rowing Association.

“We have many rowing enthusiasts both at the university, in the rowing society and among other partners in the region. I want to thank everyone who made this possible. Now we look forward to welcoming both Oxford and Cambridge to Jönköping in 2019”, says Anita Hansbo.

European Universities Rowing Championship is held every two years. In 2015 the competition was held Hannover, Germany and in 2017 Subotica, Slovenia will be the host. In Hannover the championship was attended by about 80 universities, with more than 600 rowers from 20 countries.