State Secretary visited the School of Education and Communication

On 21 March, Erik Nilsson, State Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Research, visited the School of Education and Communication. The focus of the meeting with the university representatives was Skolchefsinstitutet.

The main purpose of the meeting was for the state secretary to learn more about Skolchefsinstitutet. According to Erik Nilsson, the new institute will have an important function going forward:

– From the government’s side, we are very eager to strengthen the role of the superintendents in the quality work of the schools. We will more actively commission the Swedish National Agency for Education (Sw. Skolverket) to support the development of the superintendent role. And then the building of academic-based knowledge around these issues becomes very important. Today, that knowledge is very limited.

Other topics that were discussed during the meeting are, for example, the teacher shortage and the admission tests to the teacher programmes.

Skolchefsinstitutet is an institute for research, education and internationalization focusing on the leadership of superintendents and organizational development. You can read more about the institute (in Swedish) here External link, opens in new window..