Adult education in the age of global mobility

The 7th Nordic conference on adult education and learning reframes the classical question of whether there is such thing as a Nordic model of adult education, and asks how well Nordic adult education has adapted to an age of global mobility.

On May 3-5, 2017, “Encell – National Centre for Lifelong Learning” and “Mimer - the Swedish network for research on popular education” host the 7th Nordic conference on adult education and learning at Jönköping University. The theme of this year's conference is "Adult Education in the age of global mobility”.

During the last few years, with the current refugee situation, adult educators in the Nordic countries have experienced how global interconnectedness affects their daily practices. Global migration, in general, presents challenges as well as new opportunities for adult learning. How well has Nordic adult education adapted to these changes? This and much more is discussed during the conference.


Anna Ekström, Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training

Anna Ekström is responsible for issues regarding adult education and popular education. During the conference, she will give a presentation on “Adult Education in Sweden”.

Professor Emeritus Kjell Rubenson

Kjell Rubenson is Professor Emeritus at University of British Columbia. Rubenson was the first to hold Sweden's only professorship in adult education at Linköping University (1983-1992) and his research includes policy documents, adult education and lifelong learning. During the conference, he will give a presentation on "Global governance of adult learning and education: a challenge to the Nordic model".

Professor Annette Sprung

Annette Sprung is Professor at University of Graz. Her research focuses on adult education in migration societies, and themes of racism and diversity. During the conference, she will give a presentation on “The role of adult education in migration regimes”.