The Jönköping University Badge for Merit awarded to Gerd Engström

The Jönköping University Badge for Merit 2017 was awarded to Gerd Engström during the university’s office party on 24 August. The Badge is awarded to people who have made significant contributions for Jönköping University.

Gerd Engström works as head of the Admissions Office. Amongst other things, she was awarded the Jönköping University Badge of Merit 2017 for her contribution to the university’s development with expertise and knowledge of relevant issues.

According to the motivation of the award, Gerd Engström “has shown great commitment to the university's activities, especially with regards to educational support such as admission, graduation and in Ladok, where she has a broad experience and extensive knowledge and skills”.

The motivation also highlights Gerd Engström’s big heart and warm personality, and that she is always an engaged colleague, boss, supervisor and fellow human.