All-time high!

Jönköping University gets a 51.4% increase in external funding in education.

Personal från Högskoleservice och Fackhögskolorna firar ökningen av externfinansiering.

Jönköping University has been allocated 10,155,620 swedish crowns in total within the Erasmus + European Mobility, Erasmus + ICM, Minor Field Studies (MFS) and Linnaeus-Palme programmes. This means an increase of 51.4 % compared with the funds granted last year. The programmes promote Jönköping University's internationalization and provide both students and staff with opportunities for knowledge exchange through international mobility.

The purpose of the programmes is to increase the competence of the participants, to contribute to the development of high quality education. They also help increase understanding of internationalization at both the organizational and individual levels. Examples of what the participation in the programmes can provide are improved language skills, increased academic proficiency and knowledge of other cultures and countries, as well as active participation in the society. In addition, students who participate in the programmes strengthen their skills and competitiveness in the labor market.

The programmes are coordinated by the International Relations Office in collaboration with the Schools at Jönköping University.

The amazing result was celebrated together with the project coordinators and diverse staff from University Services and the schools.