Jönköping University awarded HR Excellence in Research

The EU Commission has awarded Jönköping University, as the second university in Sweden, the "HR Excellence in Research" certification. The award means the university provides a stimulating and favorable work environment with a strong commitment to implement fair and transparent recruitment and appraisal procedures for national and international teachers and researchers.

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The certification for Jönköping University shows that, from the EU Commission's point of view, the university has the right qualifications and ambition to offer academic teachers and researchers excellent working conditions, as well as meeting the demands of the Commission for open and transparent recruitment processes.

“Employees at JU have done a thorough job in creating the right conditions for the certification. A work that has now proven to have great results. I am very proud and happy and wish to thank all who have worked for Jönköping University to be a good and attractive workplace for teachers and researchers from around the world " says President Agneta Marell.

In order to be awarded the certificate, the university must demonstrate how the Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers are met, identify development areas and plan for how the development work will be carried out. The Charter contains, among other things, questions about research ethics, research policies, support for publication of research results, and issues related to postgraduate education.

“The certification is a great recognition for the work we have done and plan to do for our researchers and teachers, that we have a good way of organising our work, but above all, that we have high ambitions” says Chief HR Officer Ingrid Estrada-Magnusson.