Three projects promoting the health and activity of elderly people awarded with Aktiestinsen scholarships

On 22 January grants worth a total of SEK 260,000 were awarded to three projects aimed at promoting elderly people's activity and health. The scholarships are donated by the “Aktiestinsen”-foundation and were awarded at a ceremony at the School of Health and Welfare, Jönköping University.

The day started with a joint lunch at the School of Health and Welfare, where this year's fellows participated together with board representatives from the Aktiestinsen Lennart Israelsson Foundation, the assessment committee, the School of Health and Welfare’s deputy Managing Director and the president of the student association for the School of Health and Welfare.

Stipendiaterna tillsammans med stiftelsens representanter.

After the lunch, the previous year’s fellows presented their projects and how the donated money was used during the past year. Subsequently, this year's fellows presented their planned projects. Dennis Petersson from the foundation also told some anecdotes about “Aktiestinsen” Lennart Israelsson before the day ended with the distribution ceremony of scholarship checks.

The three projects that were granted scholarships are:

The Involuntary Solitude among Seniors
Anna Sundling (elderly pedagogue, Nässjö municipality), Jessica Solie (developer, Medborgarskolan) and Ann Johansson (researcher at the School of Health and Welfare) are awarded SEK 75,000.The funds are planned to be used for a project that aims to create networks among the elderly, such as arranging shorter excursions in the areas around Nässjö during the summer.

Health for the elderly through activity engagement
Ann Johansson (researcher at the School of Health and Welfare) is awarded SEK 105,000 which will be used to complete the project, which also received funding in the 2018 call for scholarship proposals.

Ipads in retirement homes
Jenny Svärd, Annelie Möller (occupational therapists, Jönköping Municipality) and Sofie Fristedt (researcher at the School of Health and Welfare) are awarded SEK 80,000. The idea of the project is to support and educate staff in the use of Ipads in retirement homes.

Bildspel från utdelningsceremonin.

Facts The Aktiestinsen Foundation

Lennart Israelsson was an SJ (Swedish State Railways) station manager in Småland, who earned a fortune on equity investments, giving him the nickname "Aktiestinsen" (the “stock station master”). During the latter part of his life, Israelsson donated millions to various foundations. There are now five foundations with his name, one of which is Aktiestinsen Lennart Israelsson's foundation for promoting the activity and health of the elderly.

The foundation announces - at most - eight scholarships in total – of an amount of SEK 500,000 to professionals, entrepreneurs, researchers and students to promote entrepreneurial development work and / or research on health promotion work for the elderly's activity and health in the field of occupational therapy.