JU Student Union arranges Kick Off for new students

Jönköping Student Union plans to organize kick-off activities for new students in the space of three weeks, tentatively between 31 August and 18 September. The activities are carefully planned and will follow the recommendations and guidelines from the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

“The kick-off is important, even though it won’t look the same this year as it normally does. We have decided to implement it in an as safe and controlled way as possible, to give new students the opportunity to enter a social context,” says Sophia Fröberg Liljenberg, President of Jönköping Student Union.

The decision was made in dialogue with the management at JU and in consultation with the Police and other relevant authorities.

How will the activities be adapted for corona?

The kick-off will be carried out during three weeks instead of the normal ten-day period. The activities will be spread out in different parks and on different days. By doing this, the risk of spreading infection is reduced.

Jönköping Student Union will coordinate the kick-off by reviewing each planned activity to minimize potential spread of infection. Some of the factors they are taking into account are the following:

  • How social distancing is ensured between individuals
  • How social distancing is ensured between “faddrar”
  • How the size of the “fadder” groups is determined
  • Ensure that all activities are without physical contact
  • Hygiene procedures
  • Ensure access to hand sanitizer and/or soap and water
  • Routines for volunteers and organizers (staff)
  • That only outdoor activities are planned
  • Logistics of getting to and from the activities

Preliminarily, each student will have the opportunity to participate in three different activities – one activity per week for a period of three weeks, with a total maximum of three activities per student. No single activity will gather more than 50 people.

It will also be possible to participate in certain activities online, for those who cannot or do not want to participate physically.

Will the kick-off collide with teaching?

Jönköping Student Union will look at each “fadder” group’s academic schedule to avoid conflicts with lectures and other educational activities as far as possible. Students who have scheduled activities that are compulsory will be encouraged to participate in those instead of in the kick-off activities.

The schedule for the social activities will be available next week on the Jönköping Student Union website together with all other detailed information about the kick-off.

Read more at http://www.jonkopingsstudentkar.se/english.html