Sustainability Festival at Jönköping University

Jönköping University Sustainability Festival 5-7 October

On 5-9 October, Jönköping University Sustainabiliy Festival: “Partnership for our future” is organized. The event is mainly digital, but also offers physical tours of several urban farming locations in Jönköping.

On 5-9 October, Jönköping University Sustainability Festival: “Partnership for our future” is organized. The event is mainly digital, but also offers physical tours of several urban farming locations in Jönköping.

All seminars and presentations will be in English.

JU Sustainability Festival (JUSF) begins with Sustainable Innovation Race 5-7 October. The event is organized by Jönköping University (JU) and Science Park. During the Innovation Race, students from JU are assigned case studies from six participating companies and their task is to come up with solutions to sustainability challenges.

“This is a unique setting where students have the possibility to collaborate within JU and be innovate during 24 hours. The purpose is to make sustainability related recommendations for regional businesses,” says Guénola Nonet, chairperson for Jönköping University Sustainability Network (JUSN), which is organizing the JUSF.

With the Innovation Race, JUSN wants to inspire small and medium-sized companies to re-think their business, services and products to contribute to a healthier world where we keep our activities within our planetary boundaries.

“The students who participate in the Innovation Race are extremely happy about this unique opportunity and we hope to continue with the Innovation Race annually,“ says Guénola Nonet.

Innovation Race usually takes place at the companies, but due to the corona pandemic, the event has been moved to the JU campus. The participating students will receive digital lectures on how to be creative, and present and pitch a business idea. Representatives from the six companies will be on campus during the Innovation Race. The students will also have access to a group of experts in various fields, who can help them solve their tasks. On Wednesday afternoon a winner will be chosen among the participating students.

Sustainability Day 8 oktober

Guénola Nonet from JU Sustainability Network will open the Sustainability Day on 8 October. Students, JU staff and representatives from Region Jönköping, Jönköping municipality and other organizations are invited to network and brainstorm ideas for a brighter and more sustainable future during digital meetings.

“We look forward to inspiring students, staff and other stakeholders to work for sustainability,” says Jonelija Zelic from JUSN and continues:

“Higher education institutions has a great role to play to help remain below 1.5 degree increase. We need to act fast, to create awareness amongst educators, transform classes and make sure that all our graduating students are informed on sustainability issues.”

Jonelija Zelic and the other board members in JUSN hope that the Sustainability Festival can act as a catalyst to inspire colleagues and students at JU, but also the entire municipality of Jönköping to do more in a sustainability context and for the sustainability development goals.

“JUSF is a good start, but we need more. We need to transform our education, we need to include human and environmental sustainability in all teaching activities and we need to do this in collaboration with the relevant stakeholders,” says Andreas Friberg from JUSN.

JU Sustainability Day

  • Anna Olsson and Patrik Kinnbom, Section Manager for Sustainable Development and Section Manager for Regional Development at Region Jönköping, will give their perspectives on sustainability issues.
  • The entrepreneur and innovator Stefan Lundvall will talk about urban farming.
  • Gunnar Dahlqvist from Hela Människan will report on health and well-being. This is followed by elements on the circular economy and social innovation.
  • JU Sustainability Festival also offers several physical urban farming tours.
  • The urban farming tours will take place at Kvarteret Ödlan, Kulturhuset's stadsodling, Österängen's Art Gallery, Kålgårdsparken and on the roof terrace at the School of Education and Communication (HLK) at JU.
  • One or more representatives will be on each location to guide the visitors and tell them about urban farming.
  • At Österängen's Art Gallery, there will be a guided outdoor tour of the art exhibition "Nature takes over" and the art gallery's allotment. The tour will be held in English and is limited to 20 people.
  • The urban farming tour on HLK:s roof terrace will also be held in English.

The program for the JU Sustainability Festival and a Zoom link to attend at the JU Sustainability day on 8 October, or part of the day, can be found via this link.  Opens in new window.

No registration is needed to attend at the JU Sustainability day via Zoom.

Sustainable Innovation Race

The six companies participating in the Innovation Race are Recyctec, Bergo Flooring, Rudenstams Bär & Frukt, Flintab, Hags and ROL Ergo.

The urban farming tours in Jönköping

Kvarteret Ödlan: Tuesday 2-5 pm. and Thursday 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Tändstickans urban farming: Wednesday 12.45-2 p.m. (cancelled!) and 05-06.30 p.m.

Österängen Art Gallery: Wednesday 03-04.30 p.m. Pre-registration is required and is done via this link. Opens in new window.

The urban farming on the roof of the School of Education and Communication: Wednesday at 2-5 p.m. Pre-registration is required and is done via this link. Opens in new window.

The mushroom cultivation in Kålgårdsparken: Friday 09 a.m.-03 p.m.

Jönköping University Sustainability Network (JUSN)

Jönköping University Sustainability Network is a unique platform created by Jönköping University Presidents Office. The purpose is to support collaboration across all JU companies and organizations to work together for a sustainable future.

Having a cross-schools collaboration and dialogue for sustainability is extremely unique in higher education, worldwide. Jönköping University Sustainability Network is a place to grow collaboration for sustainability in research, education, community engagement, operation management and governance.

JUSN is pleased to be represented by the following members:

  • Guénola Abord-Hugon Nonet, JUSN chairperson & JIBS representative
  • Jonelija Zelic, JUSN School of Engineering representative
  • Johanna Bergström, JUSN School of Education and Communication representative
  • Inger Ahlstrand , JUSN School of Health and Welfare representative
  • Xiaoli Du Nordenankar, JUSN Jönköping University Enterprise (JUE) representative
  • Andreas Friberg, JUSN University Service representative
  • Marija Ilikj Students for Sustainable Action Vice-President