Agneta Marell reappointed as President of Jönköping University

Agneta Marell started as President of Jönköping University in October 2017, and the current appointment as President reaches until 30 September 2021. In June 2020, the Foundation Governing Board of the Foundation decided on a re-appointment process.

Agneta Marell

Agneta Marell

The formal re-appointment process has now been completed and Agneta Marell will continue as President of Jönköping University until 30 September 2026.

“It is very welcome that Agneta Marell will continue as President of Jönköping University. Agneta has a good anchoring in the activities and the confidence for her within the organisation. Her determination and strategic ability are some of the strengths that make her a very good fit as President. The board and I look forward to the continued collaboration and to seeing the development of JU under Agneta’s leadership,” says Monica Dahlbom, Chairman of the Foundation Governing Board.

“I am proud and glad to have the trust of the Board to continue the assignment as President at Jönköping University. During my first years, I have gained a deeper insight into the entrepreneurial spirit and the strong drive that exists within the university. JU’s close collaboration in the region and the height of JU’s internationalisation create unique conditions for education and research and for JU’s ability to continue to develop. I look forward to being a part of the continued work and being involved in the activities that build bridges regionally, nationally and internationally,” says Agneta Marell.

Agneta Marell is a professor of business administration and before she took on the role of President of Jönköping University, she was Deputy Vice Chancellor, focusing on collaboration and innovation, at Umeå University, and as CEO of Umeå University Holding AB. Agneta has had several board assignments in business and industry and has been a member of scientific research councils and foundations. Previous assignments include Dean of Umeå School of Business and Economics and Chief Executive Officer in Örnsköldsvik Municipality.

Agneta Marell was a member of the Foundation Governing Board of Jönköping University, appointed by the government, from 1 May 2016 until she took up the position of President.


Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University
Telephone: +46 (0)36-10 10 01

Monica Dahlbom, Chairman of the Board of Jönköping University
Phone: +46 (0)70-835 90 58

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