The Jönköping Gala 26 February – totally digital

The Jönköping Gala is a local event that celebrates people, organisations, and companies whose efforts have been of great importance to our region. The gala, which was to be held in March 2020, was postponed and is now being held in digital format. Take the opportunity to be inspired and above all, do not miss Jönköping University’s award “Bridge-Builder of the Year”.

The Jönköping Gala will be held digitally and broadcast live on Friday 26 February, 10:00-12:00. You can watch the broadcast at

In addition to the award ceremony itself, where Jönköping University’s “Bridge-Builder of the Year” award is one of ten to be distributed, there will also be seminars on the theme “How do we kickstart Jönköping, during and after the Corona crisis?”. Leading the seminars are Per Schlingmann, debater, author and former politician, as well as Charlotta Melander, professor in Economics at Jönköping International Business School. Together, they will highlight and debate how our society has changed. The host is Stefan Fur who also led “Elmiadalen”, Jönköping’s version of Almedalen, last year.

Do not miss this unique Jönköping event!

Please note that the Jönköping Gala will be held in Swedish.

Read more about the Jönköping Gala and Jönköping University’s award here