Mats Bojestig is Bridge-Builder of the Year

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Lucia Naldi presented Mats Bojestig as the winner of the Bridge-Builder of the Year-award, here she's seen with Stefan Fur who led the gala.

On Friday 26 February, this year's edition of the Jönköping Gala took place, where Jönköping University (JU) awarded the newly established Bridge-Builder of the Year-award (Årets Brobyggare) to Mats Bojestig, Director of Health and Care at Region Jönköping County.

“Jönköping University is proud of the opportunity to establish and award a new and important prize. With the award, we want to highlight all the good forces and opportunities for collaboration that exist in the region and highlight initiatives that build bridges between science and society,” says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.

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Lucia Naldi at the Jönköping Gala

At the gala, which this year was held in a digital format, a total of ten different prizes were awarded and for the first time, the Bridge-Builder of the Year-award was presented by JU. Lucia Naldi, Vice President for Research at Jönköping University, was the award presenter and represented JU at the gala.

 The award winner this year is Mats Bojestig

“Mats Bojestig is a driving force in strengthening the collaboration between Jönköping University and Region Jönköping County. Our collaboration is permeated on mutual learning with development opportunities for the entire region and includes both an increased range of education at Jönköping University, shared employment and joint investments in research,” says Agneta Marell.

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Mats Bojestig is Bridge-Builder of the Year

“It feels very important to build bridges between Jönköping University and the Region Jönköping County. We are organisations that need each other, both for regional development and for the future of healthcare. The research we do together in several different cutting-edge areas, including quality work, patient safety and co-production, is significant and at the forefront. I have the pleasure of continuing the work that many in our organisations have pursued for a long time, and I want to say a big thank you for this award,” says Mats Bojestig.

In addition to the award ceremony, the Jönköping Gala included seminars with Per Schlingmann, debater, author, and former politician, as well as Charlotta Melander, economist and Professor at Jönköping University. They talked, among other things, about how we will kickstart Jönköping together during and after the Corona-crisis.

About the Bridge-Builder of the Year-award

The Bridge-Builder of the Year-award goes to a person, organisation or company that acts as a positive force and initiates activities that help build bridges between Jönköping University and society. Jönköping University's connections in the region and collaborations with companies and organisations are what keep JU relevant. In Jönköping University's new mission statement, this is further clarified by the formulation: Embedded in the region and engaged worldwide, we bridge knowledge and society, developing the talent of tomorrow.

Motivation Bridge Builder of the Year - Mats Bojestig

With a focus on mutual learning, Mats has been a driving force in the common ambition with increased collaboration between Region Jönköping County and Jönköping University. He sees opportunities for all parties and thinks progressively when it comes to inclusion.
Together, we talk about increasing the range of education programmes at JU, giving people the opportunity to have a shared employment and that we invest in research together. Through his commitment, Mats has taken the discussions forward in an open and winning way for both parties. Our bridges become stronger via Mats!

Read more about the gala and this year’s winners here. External link, opens in new window.

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Mats Bojestig, Director of Health and Care, can be reached via the Jönköping County Press Service 010-242 30 40,

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