New app helps graduates find jobs in Jönköping region

A group of graduates from Jönköping International Business School (JIBS) and the School of Engineering (JTH) have created a mobile app that will connect job-seeking students from Jönköping University (JU) with companies within the Jönköping region. The app, developed in connection with several local partners, hopes to encourage skilled students to stay and work in the region after graduation.

image:Magnet Me/Unsplash

A group of three JU graduates have come up with a job app called Employchain, which will give companies in Jönköping a database of JU students who are looking for employment. For the students, the app will show them job prospects from a wide range of local companies, including local start-ups, which are not always visible on recruitment sites.

“Our app is a sort of ‘Tinder for job-hunting’,” says JIBS graduate Jan-Phillip Arps, co-founder and CEO of Employchain. “Instead of writing a CV, students can create a profile within a few minutes from their smartphones. These profiles get shortlisted to local companies who can then contact the students directly.”

The idea for Employchain came from the SIGMA technology hackathon which took place at JIBS in 2018. The challenge for those participating in the hackathon was to come up with something to help develop the region.

“We think Employchain will help keep talent here in Jönköping. The app is customised for JU students and is quick and easy for them to use. We believe it’s more convenient than any other recruitment app out there,” says Jan-Phillip Arps.

And it is hoped that for companies, the app will also make the task of looking for suitable candidates a whole lot easier.

“We talked to a lot of recruitment companies and what they wanted was high quality profiles and effective filters to find the right candidate. Our app will give them a detailed insight into students from all four schools at JU. It will show them what programme a student has studied and what skills and experience this education has given them,” says Jan-Phillip Arps.

Visit the Employchain website to find out more. External link, opens in new window.

Download the app for Android och iOS