Kick Off Festival 2022

After three years of waiting, our fantastic Kick Off Festival is back. A unique festival for students, arranged by Jönköping Student Union. Saturday 27 August our campus transforms into a festival area filled with happy students, music, three stages and a food court.

A unique festival, arranged by students for students

The application for the autumn semester recently closed, and we are now looking forward to August and all the new students arriving here. We are happy to announce that the Kick Off Week will be back as normal, and the grand final of the week will be our fantastic Kick off Festival, which is arranged by Jönköping Student Union. The festival is unique in its kind, arranged by students exclusively for students.

Campus transforms into a festival area

Save the date 27 August! What is usually an ordinary campus, transforms over a weekend into a colourful and lively festival area filled with happy students, music and dance. The campus is closed off, three stages are built and a food court is set up – just like any other festival.

Three stages - main stage, the club stage and Red Bull stage

On the main stage this year, the students will see performances from:

  • Hoffmaestro
  • Svea
  • De Vet Du
  • Diskopunk
  • Michael Feiner

There will also be two smaller stages, the club stage and the Red Bull stage, for those who are looking for another kind of atmosphere. The artists for these stages will be presented later.

folkhav på konsert

Safety and security

"Faddrar" och representantives

During the entire kick off, around 600 "faddrar" who are trained in leadership and first aid will guide our new students. A "fadder" is an older student who volunteers to guide the new students, to make them feel safe and included in all arranged activities. There will also be a number of representatives from JU on location, so you will always have someone to turn to.

IQ-certified arrangement

The kick off and the festival are, as always, IQ-certified. This means that Jönköping University and the Student Union, in collaboration, are actively working to reduce alcoholic intake among students. During the festival, there will be free water, soda and oher non-alcoholic options for the students.