Sven Rydell is “Bridge-Builder” of the Year

On Saturday 30 April, this year's Jönköping Gala took place, where Jönköping University (JU) awarded the Bridge-Builder of the Year-award (årets Brobyggare) to Sven Rydell, Business Manager at Jönköping Municipality.

Marie Ernst Bravell gratulerar Sven Rydell

Marie Ernst Bravell congratulates Sven Rydell on the Bridge-Builder of the Year award during the Jönköping Gala.

“Jönköping University is proud to award a prize that shows our joint work in building a strong collaboration in the region. By giving out this award, we want to highlight all the good forces and opportunities for collaboration that exist in the region and highlight initiatives that build bridges between science and society,” says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.

At the gala, which took place at Elmia, a total of nine different prizes were awarded and Jönköping University’s Bridge-Builder of the Year- award was handed out for the second year in a row. This year it was Marie Ernsth Bravell, Dean of the School of Health and Welfare, who presented the award.

”An incomparably nice award!”

“Sven is an important force in making the collaboration between Jönköping University and Jönköping Municipality stronger. He makes great efforts to increase the understanding of how we can meet challenges and capture opportunities together. His great commitment in ensuring that knowledge from academia, business and the public sector is gathered and used is impressive,” says Agneta Marell.

Sven Rydell på Jönköpingsgalan.

Sven Rydell – JU’s Bridge-Builder of the Year.

“Many thanks for the incomparably nice award! I am proud, moved and very happy! Really looking forward to continuing to build bridges together with Jönköping University,” says Sven Rydell.

The Jönköping Gala, led by Tina Gardestrand and Jonas Gallneby, included tributes and awards in nine categories as well as artist performances by, among others, Laila Adèle and JU's own JU's own popstar, Faith Kakembo, Lecturer at the School of Health and Welfare.

Motivation for Bridge-Builder of the Year - Sven Rydell

The title Bridge-Builder of the Year goes to Sven Rydell, who has been a strong driving force in building, restoring and nurturing relationship bridges between Jönköping University and the surrounding community. Sven demonstrates a strong commitment to JU's important work with putting science to relevant practical use and generously shares his contacts, regardless of whether collaboration takes place with a student, a teacher, or Jönköping University's management. Through his commitment, Sven is a very good ambassador for JU, both within and beyond the region and does not hesitate to highlight JU.

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About the Bridge-Builder of the Year-award

The Bridge-Builder of the Year-award goes to a person, organisation or company that acts as a positive force and initiates activities that help build bridges between Jönköping University and society. Jönköping University's connections in the region and collaborations with companies and organisations are what keep JU relevant. In Jönköping University's new mission statement, this is further clarified by the formulation: Embedded in the region and engaged worldwide, we bridge knowledge and society, developing the talent of tomorrow.

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