Swedish government has appointed a new Chairman of the Board and two new Board members to the Jönköping University Foundation

Porträtt av Anders Danielsson

On 1 May, Anders Danielsson took over as the new Chairman of the Board of the Jönköping University Foundation. The foundation also got two new members. The new board members have broad and varied experience, and represent both the scientific community and the business community. The term of office for the new board members runs from 1 May 2022 to 30 April 2025.

Porträtt av Anders Danielsson

New Chairman of the Board

Anders Danielsson,born 1953, former County Governor

Anders Danielsson was Governor of Västra Götaland County from September 2017 to November 2021. Danielsson has previously been Director General of the Security Police, Director General of the Swedish Migration Board, Secretary General of the Swedish Red Cross and County Police Chief at the police authority in Skåne. Danielsson is a qualified lawyer.

Porträtt av Åsa Thegström

New Board members

Åsa Thegström, born 1966, Director

Åsa Thegström has worked in several leading positions within SAAB. She is currently Head of Business Unit Training and Simulation. From 2013–2016, she was Communications Director and before that, Vice President of Flight Operations, Vricon systems from 2011–2013. Between 2006-2010, Thegström was responsible for Commercial Aircraft Programs, Aircraft Services and Saab Support and Services. Thegström has extensive experience in international business, especially with regard to the Saab 2000 aircraft.

Porträtt av Maria Jarl

Maria Jarl, born 1973, fil dr

Maria Jarl has been a senior lecturer in educational science since 2012, in the Department of Education and Special Education at the University of Gothenburg. Maria Jarl received her doctorate in political science at the University of Gothenburg in 2004 and has previously worked as a research assistant from 2007–2010 at the Department of Political Science there. Maria Jarl has held a large number of management assignments, including Chair of the National Teacher Education Convention and the Teacher Education Board at the University of Gothenburg, member of SUHF's expert group for teacher education, and several review assignments concerning quality in education.

The other members of the government's appointed members of the Foundation up to and including 30 April 2025 are:

  • Anders Lysén, M.Sc.
  • Søren E. Frandsen, advisor
  • Madelene Sandström, also lic
  • Mats Eriksson, professor
  • Linda Fransson, CEO

In addition to the external members, the board also includes JU´s President and teachers and students representatives, respectively. The new teacher representative is Karin Hellerstedt, Senior Associate Professor of Business Administration at Jönköping International Business School at Jönköping University.

This is how the board is appointed to the Jönköping University Foundation

The Foundation Board appoints a nomination group that proposes a chairman and external members. The nomination group works independently and submits proposals for names to the government. Based on the proposal, the government decides on the new board.