Appreciated Open House at Campus Gränna

On May 5, Jönköping University Enterprise (JUE) held an open house for the first time at Campus Gränna. The day offered sunshine, speeches, mingling, and many activities in the beautiful surroundings where the historic boarding school Grennaskolan used to be housed.

JUE has been conducting teaching as part of Jönköping University (JU) for six years. The primary mission is to offer pathway programs for international students who need to deepen their knowledge of languages or mathematics to meet the requirements set for higher education. Since its inception in 2016, more than 1,000 international students from 35 countries have participated in the teaching at Campus Gränna and been a natural part of the city life in Gränna. By attending the Open House, the public now had the opportunity to learn more about the activities conducted at JUE and get an insight into the students' lives here in Sweden.

"We are so happy to finally be able to open up JUE and Campus Gränna after a long time of restrictions during the pandemic. It was fantastic to have visitors from Jönköping and Gränna together with alumni and students. A lot of memories were shared. We hope this will become a tradition where we welcome more people to visit us, socialize, and experience the beautiful surroundings and our business," says Josipa Morén, Operations Manager and Associated Dean of Education at JUE.

Tal på Borgmästargården

Agneta Marell, President of JU, Johan Palsgård, Managing Director and Dean at JUE and Stefan Bodin, Manager of Campus Gränna gave speeches at Borgmästargården

The day started off with a program for special invitees where Jönköping University's President Agneta Marell gave a welcome speech. She said, among other things, that the ambition since the start has been to be able to offer pathway students studies in a calm and safe environment. Student satisfaction and well-being get top scores in the student evaluations carried out every semester, indicating that locating the activities to Campus Gränna was an excellent decision.

At lunchtime, an atmospheric graduation ceremony took place for the students graduating during the spring. During the afternoon, the campus was then open to the interested public. Borgmästargården was filled with curious Jönköping and Gränna residents, visiting the museum, having a fika, strolling around the beautiful orchard, or participating in a tour or a quiz.

Lars Svärd, före detta student vid den gamla Grennaskolan uppskattade dagen på Gränna Campus

Lars Svärd, a previous student at the old Grennaskolan, appreciated the Open House

The premises have been carefully renovated by the company Campus Gränna, owners and managers of the properties. This was also appreciated by the visitors.

"It's great to see the school again," says Lars Svärd, lingering at the museum.

"I was a student at the old Grennaskolan for three years and then worked here as a youth recreation leader for 33 years. The school is even more beautiful now; they have done a terrific job renovating and brushing up,", he says.

During the day, a graduation ceremony was held for the students graduating during the spring.