Jönköping University - part of the Municipality of the Year

Jönköping Municipality has won this year’s Municipality of the Year Award presented by Dagens Samhälle. This is celebrated by Jönköping University (JU), which is located at, as well as strengthens, the municipality in many different ways.

In the motivation for the award, Jönköping Municipality is highlighted as having a strong labour market and doing well in the categories of education, culture and leisure, and sustainable communities. The municipality also has many historical as well as modern attractions and destinations.

“We are pleased to be part in Jönköping Municipality, which has now been awarded the Municipality of the Year Award. JU is privileged to be at the heart of a dynamic, open and welcoming municipality. We are proud of the excellent cooperation we have with the municipality and the region and look forward to new joint initiatives," says Agneta Marell, President at Jönköping University.

Successful municipalities that are particularly well equipped for the future are highlighted as good examples. Dagens Samhälle weighs 142 key figures in 18 different categories to rank the municipalities that ultimately become Municipalities of the Year. This means that Jönköping Municipality ranks high in all 18 categories.

“When we welcome our new and current students after the summer, we hope that they will also get to see and experience the great municipality that Jönköping is," says Agneta Marell.