Andreas Rangert, Husqvarna, is Bridge Builder of the Year

On Saturday 25 March, this year's edition of the Jönköping Gala took place where Jönköping University (JU) awarded the Bridge Builder of the Year Award to Andreas Rangert, Head of Development at Husqvarna. At the gala, JU also won the Meeting and Event of the Year Award and the JU Solar Team project was presented on stage during the festivities.

Ingrid Wadskog gratulerar Andreas Rangert

Ingrid Wadskog congratulates Andreas Rangert on being honoured as Bridge Builder of the Year during the Jönköping Gala.

“This is the third year that we the Bridge Builder of the Year award at the Jönköping Gala. Jönköping University are proud to present an award that shows our joint efforts to build a strong collaboration with the business community. The purpose of the award is to emphasise all the good forces and opportunities for collaboration that exist in the region and to highlight initiatives that build bridges between knowledge and society,” says Agneta Marell, President of Jönköping University.

Elmia was the venue for the gala for the tenth year in a row. A total of ten different prizes were awarded and Jönköping University presented the Bridge Builder of the Year award for the third time. Ingrid Wadskog, Dean of the School of Engineering (JTH), was the award presenter.

“Andreas has been a driving force in ensuring that the collaboration between Jönköping University and Husqvarna has become increasingly strong. He and his colleagues make great efforts for the close co-operation we have especially between the between the School of Engineering and Husqvarna. This applies to both research and education. We even have a course called the Husqvarna course, where the students get real product development challenges to work with. The co-operation between us at JU and the region’s business community with Husqvarna as one of our partner companies has never been better,” says Ingrid Wadskog.

“I feel honoured!”

“I feel honoured on behalf of Husqvarna! Many of us at the company recognise the importance of having a good a good relationship with an active university in Jönköping. We look forward to many exciting years together with JU and your students,” says Andreas Rangert.

Andreas Rangert på Jönköpingsgalan.

Andreas Rangert - Bridge Builder of the Year

Motivation for Bridge Builder of the Year – Andreas Rangert

The title of Bridge Builder of the Year goes to Andreas Rangert and Husqvarna who have been committed to developing both education and research through collaborations with Jönköping University, specifically through the popular Husqvarna course. They have been active in seeking sustainable and competitive solutions for technology development and competence. Over the years, several research projects have been carried out in collaboration with Husqvarna and the company is a strategic partner in the development and emergence of the School of Engineering’s areas of strength.

JU received Meeting and Event of the Year award

During the gala, the Meeting and Event of the Year Award (Årets Mötes- och evenemangspris) was handed out where JU was one of the nominees and also won the prize.

Stefan Brolin, project manager at School of Engineering (JTH), and Carla G Machado, Director of Societal Engagement at Jönköping International Business School (JIBS), got to go up on stage and receive the award which was awarded by Caroline Törnblad, Head of Meetings and Events at Destination Jönköping.

“We are glad and honoured that Jönköping University has been awarded Årets Mötes- och evenemangspris. JU is proud to be recognised as the city's ambassador, and with this award, we acknowledge the daily efforts of many colleagues and partners that make this a great place to work and to live. JU is at the city's heart, offering a perfect location and structure for connecting people and organisations from Jönköping and worldwide to co-create a great tomorrow,” says Carla Machado, Director of Societal Engagement, JIBS

Stefan Brolin och Carla G Machado

Stefan Brolin and Carla G Machado - Meeting and Event of the Year Award

Motivation Meeting and Event of the Year Award

This year’s Meeting and Event Award goes to Jönköping University, which has made significant efforts to drive the development of Jönköping as a meeting place. With its research conferences, the university and its schools put Jönköping on the meeting map both nationally and internationally. Thanks to driven employees, who want to show Jönköping University’s strengths and Jönköping as a place for a whole world, the university strengthens the role of the hospitality industry as a growth engine in the region and creates added value for our entire municipality. Through its great commitment and fantastic hosting, Jönköping University is a very good ambassador for Jönköping and consolidates Jönköping’s position as a leading and obvious meeting city.

JU Solar Team shone with the solar car

The gala, which was hosted by Jönköping-born Sofia Dalén, featured tributes and awards in ten categories, as well as performances by artists such as Mariette, who was last seen in the final of the Melodifestivalen.

Jönköping University was also visible on stage where the JU Solar Team presented this year's incredible solar car that will travel to Australia and compete in October.

This year's Tourism Award was won by Trakt Hotel, where JU was also involved in that JTH students have designed the furniture for the hotel.

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JU SolarTeam bil

JU Solar Team presented this year’s solar car (photo: krumelurmedia)

The “Årets Brobyggare” award goes to a person, organisation or company that acts as a positive force and initiates activities that help build bridges between Jönköping University and the surrounding society. Jönköping University's connections in the region and collaborations with companies and organisations are what keep JU relevant. In Jönköping University's mission statement, this is further clarified by the formulation: Embedded in the region and engaged worldwide, we bridge knowledge and society, developing the talent of tomorrow.

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