Suicide Prevention Day

Morgan Miledal, Karl Hedman and Isabella Florin were among the speakers on Suicide Prevention Day.

Don’t be afraid to ask how someone is doing

How can we work together to prevent mental health problems? At the School of Health and Welfare at Jönköping University, Suicide Prevention Day is organized every year with interesting lecturers in order to draw attention to the topic. By talking more about our emotions, we can create an understanding of people’s mental health and suicide.

Those are the words of Karl Hedman, assistant professor in sociology at the School of Health and Welfare, who organized the day on 5 September.

“To break the trend, we all need to talk about and be more open to emotions in life. As early as in preschool, children should learn to talk and manage emotions,” says Karl.

Linda Flod is a student at the school and a Suicide Zero volunteer.

Linda Flod is a student at the school and a Suicide Zero volunteer.

Throughout the day, all lecturers spoke about and repeated one important question, to dare to ask. Dare to really see the people around you, fellow human beings, and ask the question; how are you feeling.

Morgan Miledal, from the Rescue Service, spoke about changing the perception of suicide and see it as a psychological accident. A chain of incidents where early support and help can make a difference.

At the entrance to the school, there were exhibitors providing information about the help they offer to people who are feeling unwell. One of them was Linda Flod, who is studying nursing at the School of Health and Welfare and who is also a volunteer with the non-profit organization Suicide Zero.

“I want to remove the shame; you are allowed to feel bad. If you know someone who isn’t feeling well, you don't have to give them lots of tips, it's enough to be there,” says Linda.

If the worst happens

In 2022, 1,254 people died from confirmed suicide in Sweden. Two thirds of those who died were men. Source: Public Health Agency of Sweden

During the day, Isabella Florin from the organization SPES, which provides support to relatives after suicide, also spoke. She said that many people feel lonely and that it can be good to meet people with similar experiences.

The day was arranged in collaboration with Region Jönköping County’s Suicide Prevention Week, which coincides with the International Suicide Prevention Day on 10 September.

Are you in need of help?

Do you, or someone close to you, feel unwell? Find helpful services here:

Student Health Care

Contact or drop-in

1177 Health Care Provider
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Mind Sweden - Suicide Prevention link, opens in new window.
Suicide Zero

Performance with Simon Näslund

On Wednesday, 6 September, Simon Näslund will hold a performance about why boys are not allowed to talk about emotions. Simon is a musician and songwriter and has written the show based on questions and feelings he has struggled with.

The performance is free of charge at the School of Education and Communication, JU auditorium at 18:00-19:30. The performance will be in Swedish.