Media gathering when the Riksbank held a press conference at JU

On Thursday 23 November, the Riksbank held a press conference on the monetary policy decision at the University Library, Jönköping University. Over 10 newsrooms with journalists from both local and national media were on site to take part in the decision regarding the policy rate.

The Riksbanks counselor speaking during the press conference.

The purpose of holding the meeting in Jönköping was that the Riksbank wanted to test its preparedness if, for various reasons, it would not be possible to use the office in Stockholm.

Library Director Mattias Lorentzi thought it was fun that so many people were on site in the historic premises where the press conference was held.

“It is great fun that our library is getting this attention. These are unique premises where the industrial heritage contributes to the special atmosphere. The library has always been a valued study environment for our students and in connection with last year's renovation we also had the opportunity to develop the so-called JMW hall where we wanted to create an arena for various forms of knowledge dissemination. This has turned out well and the venue is now used continually for lectures and other events,” says Mattias Lorentzi.

The Riksbank Governor Erik Thedéen had to answer many questions about the event. See the media lineup and hear Erik Thedéen speak about how he thinks the press conference went.

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