Swedish government has appointed a new Board member to the Jönköping University Foundation

Johan Simonsson has recently joined the board of the Jönköping University Foundation. He has a PhD from KTH Royal Institute of Technology and brings experience from the business community and collaboration between university and industry. The term of office for the new board member runs from 1 December 2023 to 30 April 2025.

Johan Simonsson

On 1 December 2023, Johan Simonsson joined the Jönköping University Foundation Governing Board. Johan Simonsson currently works as Director of Research & Development Warehouse at Toyota Material Handling and has previously held several leading positions within Husqvarna Group, AB Volvo, and Scania.

Johan received his doctorate in Business Model Innovation and Platforms in Digital Servitization at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in 2022. He also holds a Master of Science, eBusiness Systems and Technologies from Golden Gate University in California from 2002.

What is your impression of JU?
“I have previously been involved in initiating various research collaborations between JU and companies where I have worked. These collaborations have given me an insight into JU's activities by working with several researchers at JU in the research area AFAIR, which focuses on applied artificial intelligence. In my role as a guest lecturer at JU and various participation in seminars, I have also met many knowledgeable people and gained an insight into the teaching that is conducted. I know that at JU there is both knowledge and a desire to continue to develop in their areas of activity.”

What do you hope to contribute to the board work?
"I hope to contribute in several ways, not least I am passionate about collaboration between higher education and business, i.e. third stream activities. It is important that the university conducts research and teaching that is relevant to society and different actors. I hope to contribute with important perspectives from the business community that can benefit the university's strategies and competitiveness in the future.”

How do you see JU in ten years?
"I am convinced that the university will continue to develop positively, in terms of both breadth of activities and excellence in prioritized areas.”

How are students affected by the Board's work?
“An important task for Jönköping University is to conduct education and research at a high international level. Good quality in education is an important reason why students choose Jönköping for their university studies.”

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This is how members are appointed to the Jönköping University Foundation Governing Board

The Foundation Governing Board appoints a nomination group that proposes a chairman and external members. The nomination group works independently and submits proposals for names to the government. Based on this proposal, the government then decides on the new board members.