Inspiring career day for HR students

On February 7, HR Inspiration Day (HRID) was arranged for the eighth year in a row at the School of Education and Communication (HLK) at Jönköping University. This year's theme was "HR in practice: From studies to working life".

HRID is an annual networking and inspiration day organized by HR students. The largest and primary target group is the HR students themselves, but also external professionals, where the opportunity is given to meet and make new contacts. This year, 228 participated, of which 165 were HR students from HLK.

Paneldebatt med alumner

“We hope, of course, that we have been able to contribute with a lot of inspiration about which paths you as a future HR employee may choose. We also want to be able to contribute to the feeling that the HR world is a "community" with a lot of networking and connections, where you always have support and knowledge exchange to find if so desired. In addition, we obviously hope that the students feel a longing and a hopefulness about what the HR profession will be able to offer them in their future working life,” says Moa Wallin one of the organizing students.

Outside the JU aula, where the lectures were held, a space had been set up for networking, where there where exhibitions from ten companies and organizations. Polkapojkarna, maked candy canes for all visitors, and a DJ played music.

The visitors were given inspiring lectures by people working in HR at Sesol, Jönköping Municipality, the Swedish Prison and Probation Service, as well as Fagerhult.

Helena Bergman

Helena Bergman was very pleased with the day.

"Great to hear people with an outside perspective talk about HR"

Helena Bergman is a second year HR student specializing in psychology and thought it was a very good and inspiring day.

“Very inspiring, great to hear people with an outside perspective talk about HR. I have not done my internship yet, which is why a day like this is important to hear about "real" HR and not just theory. Very interesting! The best thing was probably to hear about all the differences in how the companies work, and in the professional role. It differs quite a lot between the state and private organizations, and there are different professional roles in HR,” says Helena Bergman.

The day ended with a panel discussion where HR alumnas Isabella Johansson, Consultant Manager at Poolia, Linn Danielsson Wiksell, Recruitment Administrator at the Swedish Government Offices, Emma Lundh, HR Generalist at DALOC, and Jennifer Nieminen, HR Consultant at Jönköping Municipality, answered questions and shared their experiences after graduation.

“We are incredibly pleased with the day, and so grateful to all the companies, alumni and lecturers who chose to come here to share their knowledge and experience. During the day, we heard from both professionals and students that they were super satisfied with the day's arrangement and that it was very rewarding from both sides in terms of knowledge and idea development, which we are very proud and grateful for,” says Ebba Olofsson, also part of the project group.